Operating Theatre : We use modern and safe anaesthetics monitored by our nurses in our new surgery with specialised lighting. Our vets are able to carry out the majority of surgical procedures. We recommend pre-op blood tests for most pets and often use intravenous fluid therapy to support those that need it. We have close contacts with specialists for any advice needed or for referral of more complicated procedures.

X-ray:  We have a high power, portable x-ray system with a modern digital developer. This enables us to take high quality images which can then be computer enhanced, or e-mailed to specialists if required. Normally pets are sedated or anaesthetised for x-rays because this allows us to position the pet correctly and keep it still so that we get good quality images. Otherwise we may need to take several images which increase the risk to both pet and staff. Radiation guidelines advise that we do not hold pets for x-rays where possible.

Ultrasound: Our powerful ultrasound scanner helps us image the soft tissues, particularly of the abdomen; it is useful for detecting pregnancies or diagnosing and monitoring a wide range of problems. It can also be used for examination of the heart.

Dental drill, scaler and polisher – We have the facilities to give your pets a comprehensive dental service, including extractions. We can take digital x-rays to examine tooth roots when required.

Kennels We have several kennels of different sizes to cater for all companion animals and which give us the space to monitor and treat all our in-patients.

Hospitalisation- There is no vet or nurse in the office continuously over-night but in-patients are monitored by the duty vet at intervals that fit with the patients needs.

Tub Table This is our special deep sink with mobile shower head that can be used for bathing even the largest of dogs. If your pet is difficult to bathe at home or requires special medicated washes our nurses can do that for you.

In House LaboratoryWe can perform many blood tests in-house, giving us an immediate outline of your pet’s general health, disease status or fitness for anaesthesia. Other tests are sent to specialised laboratories and results are normally returned within 3 days. We have an integrated system of Haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte analysers that are linked to Idexx reference laboratories. All our machines undergo regular quality control checks to ensure our results are reliable.

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