Scottish Government BVD Scheme:

The Scottish Government BVD scheme has been running successfully for the last 3 years; most herds are either regularly blood testing their young stock or using the ear tags on young calves. As of June 2015 there will be a change to the rules meaning that any herds which are classed as Not-Negative will not be allowed to sell animals other than directly to slaughter, without testing each individual to prove it is not a carrier.

To help prevent this please remember the following tips.

1. If using blood sampling you need to test either

•    5 animals between 9 and 18 months of age out of each batch of this age group

•    10 animals between 6 and 9 months of age out of each batch of this age group

•    Or all calves born in the current year

Ages must be accurate according to CTS

A shed containing several pens is not classed as one batch

This test must be done annually. You have 13 months from your last test to do it or you will be reclassified as Not-Negative

2. If using ear tags you need to test all calves born in the current year.  The SAC has a list of preferred tag suppliers that have reduced lab fees.

3. It is useful to test calves born dead or abortions with ear tags as these may be PIs.  Also in the first year of an eradication program to test the cows that have not produced a live calf in the current crop.